Candlefillers Own Label Manufacture

Welcome to Candlefillers The name simply says what we do. Our business is custom filling container candles for other businesses; we do not make anything under our own labels.

At our facility in Ashbourne we fill own label candles. We offer production runs from 10,000 down to as little as 100 units so we are extremely flexible in our approach to manufacture.

We specialise in the production of natural wax candles scented with essential oils but we also produce traditional paraffin wax filled candles Fragrances for our clients are sourced from numerous fragrance houses each with their own style; “All Natural” essential blends can be created in house for the rapidly growing number of essential oil blend candles.

We can fill to order customers own glassware/ceramics or glassware & containers can be sourced from one of our numerous suppliers.

From small promotional runs to to complete style led product ranges for retail distribution we can accommodate all our customers requirements

Call us now on 01335 390639 for a custom quote

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