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Gooseberry and Cranberry Round Pillar Candles

Gooseberry and Cranberry Round Pillar Candles
Gooseberry and Cranberry Round Pillar Candles
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Gooseberry and Cranberry has a very clean, fresh scent with a beautiful fruity twist without being too sweet. This is a real bestseller that's a favourite with so many of our regular customers so we always recommend trying this one if you haven't before.

This candle comes in an olive green colour in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Pillar Candle Tips and Information

Burn Times 

Round Candle 6x2” = 30hr
Round Candle 6x3” = 120hr

Round Candle 9x3” = 150hr
Round Candle 12x3” = 175hr

Small Square = 30hr

4” Square = 50hr
6” Square = 120hr
9” Square = 135hr

Burn times are an approximation but can be affected by the room temperature. Wick trimming is essential, this helps prevent a flame becoming too large, resulting in a candle burning too fast. Keeping the wick trimmed also helps prevent drips. Always have a heatproof plate/dish under a burning pillar candle incase there are drips and to contain the molten wax when the candle reaches the bottom.  

Keep an eye on candles to keep the wick around approx 5mm long, always allowing the candle to burn to it’s full diameter which may take around 2.5-3 hours depending on the width of candle. 


Save any leftover wax from the base of your candle and use in a wax melter for a beautiful burst of fragrance. 

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