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Round Pillar Candles

Classic Round Pillar candles in our distinctive rustic finish, Available in 4 sizes these long lasting candles feature On aWick.s exclusive scents

Model: 150
A beautiful, true floral. Gentle Jasmine base notes with a refreshing citrus top note. Uplifting and invigorating this classic fragrance will bring glorious floral notes to any room in your home.Using traditional hand pouring methods gives our pillar candles their unique and rustic appearance. With ..
Model: 150BP
Our most popular floral, Black Peony has an uplifting nature, with a slightly exotic twist, like the flower it is named after. This fragrance has notes of bergamot, rose, carnation, jasmine, vanilla and dark berries. Perfect for when you want a gentle floral fragrance to drift around your room.Using..
Model: 151
This fragrance brings you a beautiful, refreshing blend. The predominant notes are that of warming blood orange citrus, however the undertones from the green tea add uplifting freshness and there are notes of spicy ginger in there too!Using traditional hand pouring methods gives our pillar candles t..
Model: 150CG
Citrus Grove is our unique creation for people who love a citrus fragrance but don’t want to be overwhelmed. A mellow citrus scent that has notes of sweet orange, grapefruit and lime. We balanced all that citrus sharpness by blending in thyme, moss and amber to create a mellow fragrance that will li..
Model: 155
Spring, Spring, Spring this fragrance is so evocative of this wonderful season. Green, fresh and sweet so uplifting like seeing the first blossoms on trees coming out. Our Fragrance of Elderflower and Vetivert also has gentle notes of lily, ylang, rose, pear, and apple. Why not bring the sweet smell..
Fresh Fig Round Pillar Candles
Model: 150FF
Fresh fig is a luxurious, warming and indulgent fragrance. With top notes of sweet, sun-ripened figs and a hint of citrus to make it uplifting this fruity rich fragrance is always popular.Using traditional hand pouring methods gives our pillar candles their unique and rustic appearance. With over 25..
Model: 150GP
Our number one best seller! We created this beautiful combination by blending Geranium, bringing it’s soft earthy floral notes then we added a touch of rose for more flower essences. Then we added Patchouli with it’s relaxing warmth and subtle nuances of cedarwood and musk. Use this fragrance to cre..
Model: 146
Our ultimate floral fragrance. Ginger Lily is powerful, alluring and exotic. We blended the floral hues of lilies with the warmth and mild spice of ginger. The resulting fragrance is one that will captivate and fill your home with the wonderful fragrance of an arrangement of lilies while lasting so ..
Model: 145
Gooseberry and Cranberry has a very clean, fresh scent with a beautiful fruity twist without being too sweet. This is a real bestseller that's a favourite with so many of our regular customers so we always recommend trying this one if you haven't before. This candle comes in an olive green colour..
Model: 152
One of our first fragrances created over 25 years ago, Hot Toddy has seen other fragrance trends come and go and still remains as popular as ever. On a cold evening this blend of spiced notes of orange, lemon, apple, clove, pear and cinnamon will warm your soul and help you to feel cosy and relaxed...
Model: 148
Relaxing is important and with that in mind we have our fabulous Lavender, Chamomile and Ti fragrance. Lavender and Chamomile are well known for their calming properties, Ti is also a plant essence which is known for helping to clear your mind. So relax and clear your mind with this gentle, mild flo..
Model: 150LB
Zest, zest and more zest! People tell us that they love this super fresh fragrance all around their home but particularly in their kitchen to get rid of cooking smells. Wherever you use this fragrance you will lift your mood and refresh your senses.Using traditional hand pouring methods gives our pi..
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