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Round Pillar Candles

Classic Round Pillar candles in our distinctive rustic finish, Available in 4 sizes these long lasting candles feature On aWick.s exclusive scents

Model: 150
Jasmine and more Jasmine Love it or hate it Jasmine seems to be the "marmite" of fragrances This one is absolutely pure Jasmine fragrance with nothing else. If you love Jasmine you will love this fragrance Available in Pale Yellow, with 3 different pillar shapes t..
Model: 150BP
Classic English Floral Typically summer flower fragrance. Light and floral, one of our best sellers Available in White, with 3 different pillar candle sizes to choose from  ..
Model: 150CG
Plenty of Grapefruit and Bergamot give this Citrus Grove Pillar Candle its citrus Zing. Available in all our Pillar candle sizes  ..
Model: 155
Balanced and Calm Vetivert & elderflower have both had reputations for calming anxiety and soothing troubled minds. Set your mind at peace with this great relaxing fragrance Available in Pale Green, with 3 different pillar shapes to choose from  ..
Model: 150FF
Fig has become the modern perfumers favourite fruity scent. Slightly green with a sweet undertone this has become a contemporay classic fragrance. Available in Dark Green, with 3 different pillar shapes to choose from  ..
Model: 150GP
Deep scented floral fragrance with a subtle hint of Patchouli Available in Cream, with 3 different pillar shapes to choose from  ..
Model: 146
Exotic and Moody A new favourite, very fashionable this year. A blend containing deep oriental flower fragrances Available in Deep Pink, with 3 different pillar shapes to choose from  ..
Model: 145
 Crisp and sassy Gooseberry and Cranberry has been a favourite with our customers for over 6 years Its fragrance is a light refreshing balanced envigorating fragrance Available in Pale Olive, with 3 different pillar shapes to choose from  ..
Model: 151
Oriental herbs and spices Faintly reminiscent of a good highland malt whisky, woody and herby Available in Burnt Orange, with 3 different pillar shapes to choose from  ..
Model: 152
Fruit, Spice and red wine For 10 years our customers have been drinking in this fragrance. Oranges, Cinnamon cloves and red wine, just like a great hot wine punch Available in Deep Ruby, with 3 different pillar shapes to choose from  ..
Model: 148
Sprightly and heady Lavender and chamomile with a lift from Ti tree A mixture of the old and new world with the fragrance of french lavender and australasian Ti tree Available in Lilac, with 3 different pillar shapes to choose from  ..
Model: 150LB
Modern Classic The modern classic blend of sharp and fresh lime zest with a balancing of herby basil with 3 different pillar shapes to choose from  ..
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