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21 May Visit from BBC Countryfile
Annie Maudling 0 388
Its not very often that you get a full TV crew walk into your business asking if they can film for 'COUNTRY FILE'… to say I was excited, is an understatement!!The BBC actually rang me 10 days before they arrived, to check that I would be happy to be filmed ?!! … hold on – let me think about that …...........................'Yes of course' I said..
20 Mar Eazi Candle
Annie Maudling 0 146
On a Wick and a Prayer have created a brand new patented candle making product perfect for those who love to upcycle and recycle. Annie Maudling founder of On a Wick has been making candles from her workshop in Tissington for over 20 years. During that time, she found many of her customers comment that they have cupboards full of empty containers..
20 Mar New Products Coming Soon
Annie Maudling 0 99
We're busy developing some new products for Spring 2019! We’ve been using natural waxes and essential oils for many years and decided it was time to put these together in a wax melt bar. Joining our range of popular Wax Bars soon will be a selection of 100% Essential Oil Natural Wax Bars. The new range will be called ‘All Natural’, we also plan to ..
20 Mar Dovedale Ceramics
Annie Maudling 0 142
An exclusive range of functional and decorative ceramics manufactured only at our works in Dovedale in the beautiful Peak District. Our Ceramics are available in 4 unique glazes; Mermaid Blue, Dolomitic Grey, Lava Green and Lava Red. Each piece is lovingly decorated by hand and fired in one of our kilns in Dovedale. Our Ceramics are available both ..
20 Mar Candle Making Workshops Now Available
Annie Maudling 0 105
Annie, founder of On a Wick & a Prayer has been making Candles for over 20 years. Join Annie on one of her candle making workshops in Tissington as she shares her candle making knowledge and learn how to make your own candles. To find out more and to see our available dates please click here..
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